Cryptic Killers – Murder at the Movie Theater

Game Details

Play detective to crack this gripping murder mystery game, and bring the criminal to justice – A murder has been committed in a small port town on Fidalgo Island in America’s Pacific Northwest. Movie Theater owner – Chris Hodgson – was found dead in his office with multiple lacerations to the chest.

27 PIECES OF PHYSICAL EVIDENCE – Inside the case file, you’ll find newspaper articles, crime scene investigation documents, suspect profiles, a beer mat, police reports, a poster, CCTV footage, phone/text records, a coroners report, a map, witness statements, photographs and more.

SEARCH THROUGH A POLICE DATABASE – In addition to the physical evidence supplied inside of the box, you’ll need to access an online police officer’s digital file storage system to prove the suspects innocent or guilty – but it’s not easy…you’ll need to be a smart investigator to gain access!

A GREAT NIGHT IN – With approximately 2 hours of game play (depending on your skill level) and a difficulty rating of 3/5 this “whodunnit” style thriller will provide a fun night in for all who choose to participate. If you can’t crack the case without a secret clue, hints and answers are available online.

MADE FOR INDIVIDUALS, COUPLES, GROUPS & PARTIES – Murder mystery lovers and CSI fans will love this challenging brain teaser. It’s perfect for teens or adults looking for a fun night in at home – whether you’re looking for an interactive “couples night” experience, an immersive family games night, or a fun dinner party with friends.

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